Flange Slip Rings



Stator and/or rotor with flange for mounting, through bore may be available as required.

We have developed products for critical applications in military, space, medical and industrial environments. Our industrial slip ring products are based on our years of material and design experience and provide unrivaled contact technologies.

flange slip ring series
number of rings multiple rings (up to 150)
working speed 200rpm-2000rpm
leads length as requested
Voltage 220VAC/380 VAC
Max. ambient Temp -40℃ to  +80℃
Max.power current 5A/15A/25A/40A
contact material precious metal
ingression protection IP54(higher available)
working condition harsh environment available
mounting flange
life 100million revolution


• Configured for Ethernet transmission
• RJ45 connector for direct plug-and-play
• High performance contact technology

• Available with multiple Ethernet, power and signal combinations


Typical Applications
• Custom machinery
Construction mechineries
• Radar


We have a wide range of flange slip rings, from compact products to slip ring assembly for heavy load machineries.

We would like to offer quotation along with design solution, please send your specification to slipring@ex.forstar.com.cn