Xi'an TST Testing Co.Founded

The opening ceremony of Xi'an TST Testing Co. Ltd., was observed on 9th of October 2016,  It was warmly attended by the board directors and all the testing personnel. The general manager of the parent company( Forstar AVIC) Mr. Guo Jianxiong addressed an enthusiastic speech, and spoke highly of what all the personnel have achieved in last few years.

The new company consists of  the Xi'an TST testing technique centre and our 3 major labs which are the RoHS lab, microwave lab and reliability lab, which means the testing strength will be lifted to a new higher level. With the privilege of being AVIC member, we have built long-term relationships with some famous research institutions, military manufacturers and colleagues , it does not offer opportunities but also pushes us to keep improving our management and testing standards to a higher level. We are confident to make TST the testing centre of east western region of China.