Microwave Laboratory

Microwave testing chamber is our third laboratory (RoHS lab, microwave lab, reliability laboratory), with different frequencies of the vector network analyzer, including 67 GHZ vector network analyzer, Passive transfer test instrument, coating testing analyzer.

Able to complete a variety of electrical performance measure, such as: VSWR, Insertion Loss, amplitude, phase consistency consistency, time domain, DTF, Smith chart, return loss, etc.,Provide a good test platform for  aerospace products and military products. It is the key technical support for our company's new product research and development.

Microwave testing chamber was established at the end of 2004, after twelve years of development, it  has formed a solid management system. Developing more than 10  years, we always stick to the "customer first, quality first" quality point of view,keep high standards to guarantee quality  for our customers. At present, microwave testing chamber is still in the growing period, we will continue adhering to the "strict specifications, Science fair, "the quality policy of trying to do more specification more advanced microwave testing room, provide the best performance test platform for the company.