Pneumatic Hydraulic Electrical Slip Rings


Multiple transmission of gas,liquid and electicity , consisting of fiber optic , rotary joints ,electrical slip ring. Grate capacity of multiple circuits transmission. Multiple media available such as glycol,coolant, steam. We can customize products according to particular specifications such as pressure , pipe diameter , rate of flow, dimension.

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Slip Ring Series
number of circuits multiple(up to 150)
operating speed 200rpm-3000rpm
leads length as requested
Voltage 220VAC/380 VAC
Max. Ambient Temp -40℃ to  +80℃
rated power current 15A/25A/40A
rated signal current 4A
Noise ≤10mΩ, tested
ring & brush precious metal
media steam/glycol/coolants/
(and so on)
ingression protection IP54(higher available)



  • Simultaneous transmission of gas, liquids and electrical

  • Support multiple gas, liquid , electrical path

  • Customised according to  pressure , pipe diameter , flow, size and other parameters

  • multiple media available, water, hot water , cooling liquid , steam and so on

  • Flange or through-hole for mounting


  •Housing material and colours

  •degree of protection

  •rated speed

  •multi-turn encoder

  •fiber-optic slips ring assembly