Pancake Slip Rings



 Pancake slip rings is mainly used in equipment that installing space is limited in height at vertical direction .copper ring and brush contact surrounds a central hole which save space a lot.It is divided into separate pancake slip ring all-in-one pancake slip ring.For space requirements, platter separates can be an ideal solution.


Solid and hollow shaft as well as size of hollow shaft are optional for all-in-one pancake slip ring. separate pancake slip ring consists of separate rotor and stator which will meet more strict demands ,and customers can install according to applied environment .


pancake slip ring series
number of rings 4rings/6rings/8rings/
(more rings available)
leads length as requested
Voltage 380 VAC
Max. ambient Temp -40℃ to  +80℃
Max. power current 5A/15A/25A/40A
contact material precious metal
ingression protection IP54(higher available)
working condition harsh environment available
maintenance free maintenance

Typical Applications

• Process machinery
• Medical equipment
• Test and measurement equipment

Pancake slip rings are usually fixed where axial length is strictly limited, standard products hardly meet all situations. We would like to offer design solution by your specification. Email: