Separate Slip Rings

Sometimes a self-contained “capsule” slip ring is not practical due to system size constraints or cost limitations. We can provide the slip ring (rotor) and brush block (stator) as separate components to be mated by the customer in their system. The rotor is supplied in a drum configuration which features consecutive individual rings along the axis of rotation. Miniature separates may have slip ring rotor diameters less than 0.100 inch.


For some applications, particularly machinery and equipment upgrades, it is impossible to access either end of the rotating shaft to allow the addition of a conventional slip ring. For these applications, we have a special slip ring solution which includes a split slip ring and a conventional brush block. The slip ring is essentially supplied as two semi-circular parts, which are then clamped around the shaft with a tightening system to rigidly fix the two halves together. Since the two semi-circulars sections are finish machined and gold plated at the factory in the assembled condition, the effects of the gap on the overall operation of the slip ring are minimized. Electrical connections can either be standard or custom.


separate slip ring series
number of rings 4ring,8rings,16ring
(more available)
working speed 200rpm-2000rpm
leads length as requested
Voltage 220VAC/380 VAC
Max. ambient Temp -40℃ to +80℃
Max. power current 5A/15A/25A/40A
contact material precious metal
(gold to gold available)
life 100million revolution



1.heavy load, 15A, 25A, 40A,higher available

2.Modular design, no limit for number of rings(theoretically)

3.customized ring structure, stable contact

4,easy maintenance

5, long life cycle

6, Enables existing rotating shaft to be retrofitted with a slip ring

Typical Applications:
• Updates of large complex machinery

• Testing and measuring
• Custom machinery