CWP2016 Debut of Spinstar's Innovation Design

On the 2016 Beijing International Winder Power Exhibition, Spinstar for the first time released its "contactless slip ring"  for the pitch control system. Spinstar is the first company in China that has been able to apply the contactless transmission tech to the slip ring industry, while transmitting high-frequency signal with grate stability.

Our latest design "Contactless Transmission" had attracted both domestic and foreign winder turbine manufactures and suppliers to our exhibition stand. Further to the contactless technology, we have incorporated the real-time monitoring devices in the slip ring to check the operation by a few clicks, and thermostat and vibration recording system are also available in the modular slip ring. The modular design makes it possible and easier to meet your specific need with lower price and more flexibility.

On the exhibition, we are honoured that many famous slip ring companies visited our booth and had technical exchanges with our Design Depart. With years of development in the military&defence application, we are confident in design ability and product reliability.