Through-bore Slip Rings


A slip ring capsule can be used in any electromechanical systemthat requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation whiletransferring power and / or data. A slip ring is also called a rotaryelectrical joint, collector, commutator or swivel. A slip ring can improvesystem performance by simplifying operations and eliminating damageprone wires.

Through-Bore Slip Ring
total number of circuits multiple(up to 150)
operating speed 200rpm-3000rpm
leads length as requested
Voltage 220AVC/380 VAC
Max. Ambient Temp -40℃to  +80℃
rated power current 15A/25A/40A
rated signal current 5A
Noise ≤10mΩ, tested
contact material precious metal
ingression protection IP54(higher available)
bore caliber 10mm-500mm
signal type ethernet/BUS/CAN/DP( and more)



• 10 to 500 mm through-bore

• Speed up to 3000 rpm continuous

• multiple transmission of power and data signals

• Ethernet model available


• Transfer power, as well as analog and digital signals

• Compatible with data bus protocols

• Compact packaging

• easy mounting on shaft

Typical Applications:

• Precision rotary equipment
• Semiconductor handling systems
• Robotics
• Camera systems 

• industrial machinery