Radar Slip Rings


Today’s industrial / commercial equipment slip ring requirements are becoming more and more demanding. High operational speeds, long life, no maintenance, and data transfer capability, are the general expectations in slip ring performance. Taking advantage of the developments done in our company, we have transferred the fiber brush technology to cost effective commercially available products to address today’s critical applications.


Fiber brush refers to a group of fine metal fibers (wires) that are collimated by and terminated into a metal tube.In this cantilevered design, the free, unterminated end of the fiber brush bundle rides in a groove on the ring surface.


radar slip ring series(customized)
operating speed 200rpm
leads length as requested
Voltage 380 VAC
Max. ambient Temp -40℃ to  +80℃
Max.power current 15A/25A/40A
contact material precious metal
ingression protection IP54(higher available)
working condition harsh environment
dimension customized



• Multiple points of ring contact per brush bundle
• Ability to perform in ambient conditions as well as in vacuum conditions
• Contact surfaces that do not require lubrication
• Long life
• Low contact force per fiber
• Low contact wear rates
• High power circuit density
• Low dynamic contact resistance (noise)
• High and low current carrying abilities
• Very little debris generation
• Wide operating temperature range
• Wide range of brush / ring surface speeds


Please send us your specification, we would like to offer quotation along with solution and product design draft.

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