CT Slip Rings



CT slip rings are high demanding products compared with other civil-use slip rings. It could be seen as a touchstone for a company's design and manufacturing ability. By years of research and development, Spinstar has gained rich experience and has broken through major technique difficulties about CT slip rings.


We are providing replaceable CT slip rings for Simens,GE,Philips, Toshiba CT scanners. And we provide customization CT slip ring as well.


CT slip rings





    fiber optic

    contactless data transmission


inner diameter up to 1700mm

number of circuits

application dependent


up to 1000V


up to 300A

data flow

100Mb/s to 8Gb/s

rated speed

application dependent


for more information, please feel free to contact: slipring@ex.forstar.com.cn



• Customized interface

• Customized performance regarding power and data transmission, rotational speed as well as acceleration

• Encoder

• Tilt

• Power rings rated to 1,000 V with currents to 300 amps
• Low-power rings for 12–24 V
• Contacting signal rings rated up to 50 Mbit/s and Ethernet Network
• Multiple brush tip options with minimal wear


The CT slip rings are high-end products in the slip ring industry,by years of development and research, Spinstar has released some models that are high quality with stable performance as well as competitive price.

Please feel free to contact slipring@ex.forstar.com.cn.